Recording SLOW MOTION - EP was an opportunity of a lifetime thanks to my friend, Jack Conners at Perfect World Studios in Traverse City, MI. It started simply with an invite from Jack to record some tracks while his college students from NMC filled part of their required time in the studio. It turned into an inspired time of recording a few songs with some close friends over a few months. I want to give special thanks to those friends who made this record what it is. Their talent boosted these songs to life and I'm so grateful to have shared the time with them. As Jack put it so well, "Lifetime memories."

Jack Conners, your generosity shocks me friend. Your depth of knowledge and expertise as an engineer is impressive. It was a treat just to watch you work your way around the studio and the controls with ease. It was like working with an old friend. And then, you gifted me more by adding some sweet bass lines to these songs. Thanks for this gift and the memories.

Heather Pfefferle, thank you so much for saying, "Yes" to being on this record. I'm so honored you joined us and added your skill to these songs. Your creativity and musicianship put just the right touch on them. Your violin sounds timeless.

Nic Murdock, it was a pleasure having you in the studio my friend. Though, with your excellent musicianship, you could have easily added bass or acoustic guitar, you treated us to your fine skills on the cello and I'm so glad you did. Your instrument sounds superb and your playing, smooth. You worked so well with Heather and your string instruments put a classy touch on the whole EP. Thanks buddy.

Carson Six, I'm so proud to have recorded with you buddy. You've grown into a really good musician. And like Nic, you could've easily added bass guitar to this album too. You're a well rounded musician and I was glad to have you on this record. Honored to record with you son.

Billy Jacklin, you nailed it bud! It's been awesome to watch you grow in your musicianship. Your dedication to the craft of music is inspiring. Thank you for added just the right touch to this record.

Jonah Powell, it was a treat to have you in the studio. Thanks for adding just the right touch with your mandolin on Letting Go.

Brian Whitscell, thanks for coming in and hanging out with me and Jack. Just adding your ear to the project was a great help and I'm glad to have worked with you. Looking forward to working with you again my friend.